The Fleming Hotel - Digital Management


The Fleming Hotel is one of the most iconic boutique hotels in HK. With the unique cross-harbour ferry inspired interior design, our main objectives for The Fleming were to increase their online presence, build up their brand and also drive traffic to their website for direct booking.


Tactical Social Campaign - We have launched an online campaign targeting millennials, which are always looking for the best hotel online with tactical offers to drive traffic to Fleming’s website. Smart Community Management - Through constant interaction with followers and speaking from their POV, we are able to build a cohesive online community with a significant number of User Generated Content (UGC). Influencer Marketing Collaboration - We have collaborated with travel and hospitality bloggers to share reviews so as to attract target audiences to our Facebook, Instagram and website.


• Both Instagram and Facebook have increased tremendously in terms of following and engagement rate • Most importantly, we have reached our target audience not only regionally but also internationally • Traffic to the website has also improved significantly following a successful online campaign


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