An Ultimate Guide for Post COVID-19 Communication Strategy

As the number of the new case begins to decline in Hong Kong, it’s time for brands to resume active in the market. Nevertheless, this virus has somehow reshaped consumers’ purchasing behaviour.

Online platforms are undoubtedly gaining importance and consumers may not step out of their home as often. How can marketers adapt these changes and start their recovery plan seamlessly?

Here are four marketing tips for post COVID-19 recovery

1. Speak from our Target Audience’s Point of View (POV)

When the disease starts to fade, consumers feel relieved and be more open to the market. It’s important to weigh in on consumers’ emotional needs and bonds on this crisis during market revival.

Instead of keeping the old way of speaking from the brand’s point of view, we should resonate more with consumer’s feelings and their new consumer habits after coronavirus such as the surge in healthy living, which is effective to uplift brands’ image.

2. Re-engage Customers Tactically

A foreseeable situation is one where every brand is active to attract consumers’ attention after the crisis. It’s worth thinking about how to make your brands stand out from others, especially when consumers have adapted new online channels during the outbreak.

Regarding this, a more tactical activation campaign is the way to re-engage customers such as O2O campaigns with pop ups, which the ultimate goal is to drive traffic from social to offline purchase especially for brands which have not set up ecommerce shops.

3. Competitive Offerings and Promotion

On one hand consumers tend to stay at home unconsciously even when COVID-19 dies down, on the other hand they are cautious about spending when seeing there is still a long way for the economy to recover.

This happens especially for some industries like hospitality, beauty, skincare, wellness, etc. as they are not daily necessities to consumers. Competitive offerings are a more simple and direct way to lure consumers back in face of this. Brands can also leverage collaboration for better promotion outcomes.

4. Don’t Dismiss Digital

It’s not uncommon to see consumers (forced to) adapt to digital solutions like never before during quarantine. We strongly advise to keep digital as an important part of integrated communication even when everything is back to a new normal lifestyle.

We recommend to keep updated with digital trends like social ecommerce, eCRM and influencer strategy practice which will definitely give you insights towards your business’s digital transformation.

There is no denying that COVID-19 is a global crisis. Yet, you don’t control what happens but how you respond. It may also be an opportunity.

Plan ahead the marketing roadmap towards recovery now and be ready to roll out when the time is right. In the meantime, feel free to send us an email and discuss further as we are more than happy to support you with the recovery planning.