Top 5 ways PR Companies Are Handling The COVID-19 Pandemic

With the global market observing a slowdown, industries are on the edge of survival. The COVID-19 pandemic has left the media industry especially, in panic mode.

PR firms are incorporating a number of tools to communicate with their clients; through mobile apps, and internal platforms.

Is your company struggling during this uncertain time? Use the pandemic to get ahead. Here are 5 ways PR companies are handling the pandemic:

1. Thought Leadership

Thought leadership.png

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Did you know that 66% of marketers view thought leadership as a “top priority for their PR”, ultimately increasing web traffic, lead generations and media mentions.

Now more than ever, the media, editors and reporters are going out of their way to seek thought leaders to deliver insights and advice on various topics.

It’s time to get ahead of other companies. Capture the public eye by carrying out well researched, thought leadership pieces.

Tip: Think about how your brand services may ease your client fears; or, consider the best way to guide your community through this tough time.

2. Enhanced Technology

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Several companies have had no choice but to tackle the pandemic by investing in several media platforms. PR companies are using this to their advantage to acquire new clients, and keep up a positive brand image.

Zoom and Tik Tok have especially helped keep the community close, and more importantly the business’ running.

Invest your time wisely and consider an active blog presence on your company website. Perhaps there's a new digital hack you’d like to share!

Tip: Not sold on the social media? Have your employees take online courses, to develop new skills.

3. Use Fewer Channels

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Restrain from utilising several channels, and instead meet your audience where they are.

Ensure your clients are making the right, most strategic decisions by guiding them through which channels they should prioritise, and which to avoid.

4. Help The Community

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Struggling to make a name for yourself? Now more than ever, the world needs our help.

Several brands are reaching out to NGOs, and sharing profit with charities that are on the frontline, fighting COVID-19.

Tip: Consider creating your own campaign and incentivise others to get involved, and together we can tackle this pandemic.

5. Be on the Radar

Apart from the above 4 ways, we should also show support to our clients and be adaptable to the ever changing situation. Similar to other industries, PR and marketing companies are also facing huge challenges during pandemic. Agencies should develop public relations strategies for ourselves in order to keep us on the radar of our target customers.

Are you looking for an agency to develop an effective PR, social media advertising and marketing strategies for your brand? Feel free to reach out to us!