Regional Social Media Accounts: Is It Worth It?

When it comes to localisation for international brands, marketers are always struggling how to handle their social media presence.

We have recently been asked by clients if they should open regional social accounts in face of growing local audiences. We would also like to share our thoughts here for discussion.

Go Local

There is a need especially for large companies to have local social presence when:

  • The local language and social behaviour are different
  • Different product offering and promotion for local audience
  • Building meaningful engagement with local followers

Go Global

There are quite a few pros for going local. Companies still want to have centralised content and management when:

  • The brand wants to remain coherent guidelines and messaging by centralisation
  • Large fan base can be guaranteed within the global page
  • Resources for local social management is limited

There is actually no definite answer whether your brand should focus on centralisation or local content creation as it depends greatly on your what marketing strategy suits your brand the best.

Regional Social Media Accounts 1.jpeg

Let’s take a look at a case study:

Avobar Global Regional Social Media Accounts 3.jpeg

Avobar Hong Kong Regional Social Media Accounts 2.jpeg

We assisted an F&B client, Avobar to set up regional social pages (Facebook and Instagram) when it was first launched in Hong Kong last September.

There is a need to have localised content for the Hong Kong market especially in the F&B industry as there are unique dish offerings and promotions. The client also prefers using local language with slang to interact with local followers.

Final Thoughts

The concerns of go local somehow can be alleviated as localisation guidelines and overall brand guidelines can be set up in advance to ensure consistency. We believe that a relevant fanbase is far more important than a large fanbase under one global account with low brand loyalty and engagement rate.

Therefore, having a local social media account sounds like a good idea to reach and engage with your ideal target audience if you have the resources to do so.

What about your thoughts on social localisation strategies? Feel free to send us an email and discuss further.