How to Maximize Gain on Social Media Platforms

Wondering what’s the most effective way to get your content out there, and hopefully further your reach and engage more fans? No matter if you’re trying to get more boost for your business or if you just want to get more viewership on your personal content, here are some tips to get the world to notice you on social media.

First of all, ask yourself what it is that you want from making your page on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Is it to drive traffic to your site, spread awareness about a campaign, learn from your fans what they’d like to see next from your restaurant? Develop a social media strategy before posting on your page, no matter how preliminary or specific your plan is.

Create a page that reflects your brand image and makes you proud. Decide on the voice and tone you want to take on, if that’s refined and professional, trendy or savvy, formal or peppy, and always approachable.

No surprise at all, images or videos are the most fascinating and what we almost always look at first on social media, before the text.

Incorporating all the functions available on social media is obviously great to engage as many followers as possible links and videos, all the fun tools like hashtags, emojis, that we’re sure you are familiar with, while being sure not to go overboard! 1

As human beings, we are all naturally attracted to aesthetically pleasing food pictures, and we want in on the behind the scenes and promotions of the food and entertainment places we love. Hence influencer marketing plays a large part in Voltage's digital strategy.

Seize advantage of special holidays and event days to update and create attention grabbing, creative events for your followers. Remind your customers about the new, exciting features that you can’t wait to share with them.

Updating frequently and keeping your page active is the most essential and straightforward way to keeping a successful social media platform. But don’t clutter your followers with posts, either.

It’s easier to mark each post (on your plan of course, when brainstorming, not on the post) with its specific purpose, to keep organized and get the most out of your output.

Make sure you reply to those who comment on your page! Interactions with fans naturally make for more loyal and genuine connections. Reward those who have given you love by offering discounts, letting your audience in on what’s up and happening for your brand, and always respond to people, especially questions or concerns, with enthusiasm and grace.

Be conscious of the time and place you post as well as the intervals between posts, and strategize on getting your followers to share with their friends. After all, you want to expand your audience in addition to keeping the one you’ve already got.

Employing analytic tools to check how much worth your investment in social media actually translates into, is immensely useful. And that means not only keeping track of the number of likes and follows your efforts are generating, but the engagement rates from other media and how that is aligned with the content consumption you are receiving.

Happy social networking! 1