Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

In this digital era, brands are relying on social media to connect with their audiences more than ever. However, only knowing what to disseminate, when to deliver and whom to target is not enough.

The key to successful digital marketing lies in how to collect and analyze data, so as to maximize your brand value and create competitive edge.

Don’t know where to start? Here are four tools that can help you screen, monitor and schedule your social media activities with ease:-

1. Social Blade

Free and easy-to-use screening tool

If you are new to social monitoring, we recommend checking out Social Blade as a first step. Social Blade is a free tool for tracking user statistics, including engagement rates, followers, and media uploads, on various platforms.

By studying the numbers and identifying the trends, you would get to know your social media presence more. This helps create a clear direction for your digital marketing strategies for long-term success.

Pricing: Free for basic access. Premium memberships start at US$3.99/month.

Supported platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Dailymotion, Mixer, DLIve, StoreFire

Social Blade.png (Source: Social Blade)

2. Socialbakers

Comprehensive, AI-powered social listening tool

After getting a brief understanding of your social media performance, you may want to go “behind-the-numbers” and dig deeper. Socialbakers is a popular social monitoring tool overseeing all the biggest platforms.

The powerful AI engine allows it to provide data-rich analysis ranging from social mentions, competitor intelligence, and even down to individual audience profile. The sharable and customizable dashboard would come in handy when communicating the results with the team(s).

Pricing: Free trial is available. Pricing starts at US$200/month.

Supported platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+,


(Source: Socialbakers)


China-focused social monitoring tool

However, if you wish to tap into the Chinese market, KAWO will surely be the right tool for you! KAWO specializes in monitoring Chinese social media channels and is also known for its user-friendly features.

Apart from tracking and comparing, it also supports excel exporting and mobile versions - enabling a seamless experience.

Pricing: Free plan available for charities, NGOs, and start-ups. Pricing starts at US$350/month.

Supported platforms: WeChat, Weibo, TikTok

KAWO.png (Source: KAWO)

4. Sked

Integrated social media scheduling tool

After collecting the needed information and refining your digital marketing strategies, it is time to turn them into actions. With Sked, you can plan and manage your social media posts across different platforms in one place.

For example, you can schedule your media uploads in advance and have them auto-published. This can for sure save time and maximize efficiency.

Free trial is available. Pricing starts at US$25/month.

Supported platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Sked.png (Source: Sked)

While social media marketing may be worth the investment, relying on one single approach is not enough. We recommend looking into other strategies in order to create an integrated marketing plan for long-term success.

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