10 Characteristics of a great PR Professional

Interested in working in PR? But unsure what it involves or the characteristics you need to rock in this industry? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a fair few years of experience under our belts and we just love sharing our insider's knowledge and secrets.

Could the PR industry be your next career move? We guide you through some characteristics of what makes a great PR to see if you’ve got what it takes!

1. Creative

Public Relations is all about thinking outside the box. We all know you can gain attraction through social media and advertising, but what are you going to do to get your client's product/service noticed in other ways?

When there are hundreds of other PR agencies using the fail-safe options how are you going to stand out from the crowd and discover new techniques?

2. Proactive

This goes without saying - the work isn’t going to do itself, however, it’s not about how much work you are doing, but how effective your work is. Using your time wisely and doing it effortlessly while managing it with minimal stress - that’s when you know you are a true PR professional.

3. Good Under Pressure

It’s a tough industry - you have to prove yourself to clients, and this sometimes means a lot of pressure on your shoulders. It is vital to know how to deal with it, accept it as part of the job and embrace it. Plus, a little bit of pressure never hurt anyone, we think it can actually help improve your work.

4. Problem Solver

Don’t have the answer to every question? No worries, you can find it. Ever heard of ‘Either find a way or make a way’. If that phrase is already etched into your brain we think you are on the right road to becoming a smashing PR.

5. Writing Skills

Those little things called press releases. You’ll be writing a lot of those. Good writing skills are an essential part of the job. There’s no getting past that fact.

6. Multi-Tasker

What do you mean you don’t know how to run an event, be the photographer and answer client calls all at once? We thought that was just a normal day in everyone’s life?

7. Well Informed

Soaking up information is a valuable skill to have. Make sure you find out how to effectively remember everything you are told/read. You are the middleman between the client and the consumer, you will be expected to know everything - even if you were never told it.

Be constantly on the game, never leave home with multiple notepads, post-it notes or your iPhone reminders!

8. Networker and Communicator

One of best parts of a PR’s job is getting out there and networking. Business cards at the ready make sure everyone knows who you are, who you are working for and how you can help them. The great thing about networking is it can be done at any time of the day, in every situation you are in. And do we even need to mention how ludicrously important it is to have an on point Linkedin profile.

9. Out-going

Full of energy, always have time to chat, smiling, contributing, laughing, helping - just some more of the characteristics every successful PR professional should hold.

No one likes someone that can’t muster together a smile or engage in conversations over one sentence. After all, we are the people’s people - ain’t no problem with shouting about it.

10. Punctual

Seriously… DON’T be late. Ever. Wasting people's time is as bad as wasting people's money.